WPCS 2.1.9
WPCS 2.1.9

About Wide

Wide introduce the first modern real estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless.


Exceptional service is our habit – We provide unique, personalized, and fast services that help ensure the customer feels comfortable and receives detailed information.

Teamwork is our strength – When teams speak with one voice, it helps to build trust and rapport. These connections can also lead to greater productivity. At Wide, we value the diversity of personality and background that each individual brings to our company. We treat everyone with empathy, respect, and appreciation so that we can serve our customers, community, and partners effectively.

Quality speaks for us – Our team is committed to providing a seamless, convenient, and consistent customer experience from the initial search process to closing. Balancing effort, quality, and time is the main goal for our company.

Honesty leads us – We believe trust is earned, and we work hard to make our company a place you can trust. At Wide we believe in doing what is right even when no one is watching. We act with integrity and speak up when it’s difficult or unpopular, which helps to create a sincere company.

Transparency is the key – While information has great power, we want to give this power to our customers. Our company believes that providing useful information and becoming more transparent is the right thing to do. At Wide, we believe that our purpose is to enrich our customers and partners with the best information possible so they can make educated decisions.

Our Philosophy

Our motto is “Providing Expertise and Delivering Excellence”. We foster a unique blend of professionalism and innovation in our office, growing a culture we are all proud to work for.

The service you receive is not constrained by the knowledge or finances of an independent agent, you have the power of a skilled executive team and company support that will initiate and will do all. We strive to make the WIDE synonyms with High-End service that delights our clients.

We provide our customers with our utmost and most comprehensive real estate services:

  • Exemplary and smart providing the best standard and value that delivers the greatest return on your investment.
  • Fast and reliable that assists clients with innovative solutions
  • Transparent which gives you peace of mind in all the transactions
  • Easy and flexible adapts to market changes

Who Are Our Partners

We are partner of A Leading Development Companies in market

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Alliance Centropolis in Batumi, Georgia

Don’t miss your chance to invest with the best terms:

  • Studio-type apartments – 10% first payment
  • 1 bedroom apartments – 5% first payment
  • 2 bedrooms apartments – 0% first paymentOnly days are left till the offer is over