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Mtisdziri, Georgia
 - $38


October of 2023

Ivillas Batumi

Green Cape, Batumi, Georgia
$2 200
 - $3 000


December of 2025

Alliance Centropolis

Sherif Himshiashvili Batumi, 6000
$2 000
 - $3 300



Demax Business Center

28 Oniashvili street
$1 600


December 2023

Olimp City Villas

Kargıcak, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Turkey
$1 580


December 2022

Demax Vake

Kipshidze str 22
$1 700


May 2024

Krtsanisi Grande

Tbilisi. Krtsanisi District, Krtsanisi Second Turn #17
$1 600


December 2023

Olimp City Apartments

Kargıcak, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Turkey
$1 580


May of 2023

Alliance Privilege

42, Rustaveli Ave, Batumi
$3 200


July 2023

Ande Tower

Batumi, Zgvispiris 6
$1 250
 - $1 520


2024, December


Batumi, Grigol Lortkipanidze Street #24
$1 000
 - $1 200


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About Georgia

located in the Caucasus region, near the black sea, Georgia is geographically well positioned as a gateway between Europe and Asia. With the stable economy, thriving cities, and competitive costs of operating business, Georgia is the perfect place for investments.

Georgia offers opportunities in a large number of profitable niches. Sectors such as energy, real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, regional logistics, agriculture, and tourism are the ones you can invest your money and get a real profit.

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Alliance Centropolis in Batumi, Georgia

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